If you struggle to find decent plus sized lingerie you are not alone! It’s tough, and there are a growing number of women in the size 16 and above camp struggling with exactly the same thing. If you’re one of those ladies then this article is just for you.

For years anyone over a size 16 has had it pretty hard. Despite the majority of women being a size 16 or over, it’s only been in recent years that plus size clothing has started to become readily available, both on the high street and from online stores. It does seem to me that retailers are finally waking up to the opportunity/market… but why has it taken so darn long!

Plus size women certainly have more to contend with when it comes to picking out suitable lingerie, so here are a few tips to help you on your way:

First of all, make sure you get a bra that fits – get professionally fitted. It may sound obvious but if you have a larger cup size then it’s important to avoid common afflictions like unsightly lumps and bumps where you overspill the cup, or red marks where straps dig into your skin because the bra is too tight. Make sure you get a proper fitting and determine your proper size.

Next, it’s important to check that you’re getting the right support. There are several lingerie lines, both from main high street retailers and online stores, which are specially designed for ladies with larger busts and offer details like wider straps and underwiring for extra support – very necessary!

The most important thing however, regardless of whether it’s plus size lingerie or any other size, is to pick something that makes you feel good. Plus size lingerie isn’t just practical anymore; if you look carefully it can also be pretty too. Look for elegant materials like silk, satin and lace and know that you’ll look just as good with your clothes off as you do when they’re on! You don’t have to just stick to basic black, white and nude either; why not pick some vibrant sexy colours such as red or a deep purple.