Covering up Flab Swimwear

Why bust a gut laboring over a treadmill when with a clever use of flattering beachwear you can cover and smooth over those lumps and bumps. We’ve compiled a compendium of sneaky tricks to make to make the transition from winter warmer into summer scorcher as easy as ordering another Pina Colada. Wobbly Bits Cover-up […]

The Coveted 70s Bohemian Look

Although fringing is part of the whole 70s look, it’s been dialled down a bit for the season ahead along with flouncy dresses. Instead tan and suede take centre stage introducing a more rustic feel to the trend. Paisley and floral are the prints to look out for in an earthy colour palette whilst silhouettes […]

Plus Size Lingerie

If you struggle to find decent plus sized lingerie you are not alone! It’s tough, and there are a growing number of women in the size 16 and above camp struggling with exactly the same thing. If you’re one of those ladies then this article is just for you. For years anyone over a size […]

Cosmetic Surgery for the Perfect Legs

Let’s be honest, we can all think of ways we’d improve our legs. Getting perfect pins for those summer micro mini’s isn’t easy – in fact it’s a lifelong challenge for many women. From unsightly hair to those ‘thunder thighs’ we all fear, a whole host of problems can crop up. However, help is at […]

Winter Coat Advice

When Autumn arrives, it can only mean one thing- time to buy a new winter coat! A coat is one of my favourite fashion items as it has the power to transform an outfit. A basic outfit can be made into a quirky showstopper or a smart outfit can be made into a glamorous formal […]

Staying Fashionable on a Budget

It’s a myth that if you don’t have a decent clothing budget that you can’t be stylish. Quite the opposite in fact! Less budget makes us more creative… if we know how. The ‘bargainista’ market is buoyant… in a BIG way. Think Primani, TK Maxx… and even things like swishing, there’s no doubt about it, […]

Tips on Becoming a Fashion Stylist

Having a personal stylist has become more acceptable – just like having a personal trainer. A personal stylist can give their clients an enormous confidence boost, help them save money by spending their budget wisely and revamp their image by introducing new brands and styles to their wardrobes. There are so many reasons why a […]