Is Diane Kruger copying Alexa Chung?

Diane Kruger has recently been spotted wearing this kind of working boots (Dr. Martens alike) together with little dresses. And this is totally new, since Kruger used to be much more feminine and less ‘indie’. So I seriously think she’s getting inspired form Alexa Chung, the Brit who has launched to fame that sort of boots, really popular in London. And that’s perfectly fine! Recently, they also were spotted wearing the same dress by Opening Ceremony, in different days and with different styling.


Últimamente Diane Kruger se ha dejado ver en varias ocasiones combinando vestidines con botas tipo Martens, de ésas que están tan de moda en Londres. Para mí, que se está copiando un pelín de Alexa Chung, porque la alemana solía ser mucho más femenina y menos ‘indie’. Y no me parece mal, ojo. Hace poco también fueron fotografiadas llevando el mismo vestido de Opening Ceremony, aunque en diferentes días y con diferentes estilismos.

Diane Kruger, Alexa Chung