2014 Summer Fashion Trends

Do you feel the heat outside? Well, summer is just around the bend. Before stepping out, check out how you look. Do you know what’s in or out? Don’t be left behind. Here now are some of the latest summer fashion trends for 2014 as reported by some of the leading fashion sites in the world.

First on the list is Elleuk.com. Fashion gurus there, expect tribal-inspired clothing that makes bold statements about women’s real identity and aspirations. In a sense, it gives women a sense of empowerment and inspiration.

Art is also a big influence for the 2014 summer clothing. Famous mural paintings will become fronts of dresses while different tribal arts from around the world will adorn selected clothing. It’s like making your dress a work of art. Also, expect a resurgence and dominance of the color black in clothing.

Wardrobes for the busy woman on the go will be fashionable and allow women to be the best they can be. Contrary to some expectations, the long skirt will definitely be “in” this summer. When you plan to wear long skirts this coming hot season, don’t forget to wear flats with it.

Metro.co.uk fashion experts enumerate some of the top fashion trends that you may be interested to check out this summer. Although it has been around the fashion circuit for a while, the pleated skirt can still be trendy by choosing the knife pleat in shimmering fabric.

Comfy Bermuda shorts can be perfectly worn with matching pool sliders and bomber jacket. You may even go for a 90s spaghetti strap top on warmer days. Going to the office? No problem. Wear more formal city shorts with floral designs to match your shirt.

Trendsetters at glamourmagazine.co.uk anticipate the impending summer season to be the sexiest, boldest, and most jewel-encrusted one yet. There will be lots of sheer pencil skirts and stunning prints dominated by the color pink.

For men’s fashion, askmen.com expects men to move up to a combination of street wear and sport wear with a downtown edge. This trend is very popular among athletes, rappers, and your ordinary guys who love to hang out on the streets.

Fashion writers at gq-magazine.co.uk notice a trend in head-to-toe white as the wardrobe of choice this summer. They do suggest you add some accent of color to make things more interesting.

Not to be left behind, kids’ summer fashion will be as colorful as ever. A writer at boysbecool.com forecasts kids wear to be “riots of colors, bold patterns, intricate embellishments, shine of patent leather, splashes of neon, and glimmer of metallic’s.”

As expected, fashion designers have come up with interesting choices on what to wear this forthcoming summer. Check out your favorite online shopping destination for the latest summer wear for 2014. While you’re at it, drop by nomorerack.com where you can find a wide array of products from apparel to gadgets. Nomorerack regularly offers special deals on selected items that you can buy at discounted prices.