Adding Accessories into your Wardrobe

It’s that time of year again, Autumn is creeping in and so are the luscious AW12 accessories perfect for the gal who wants to add a little more personality to their look.

We all typically want to look absolutely unique but of course you will not be able to keep other persons from wearing the same trousers, skirts, blouses, shirts and jackets as you. To make your style totally unique, however, accessories should take centre stage in helping you define your style!

A unique look with the help of accessories

The magic word you should always remember is “accessories”. Fancy pilot watches, woolen scarfs, cowboy hats, wooden bracelets, silver earrings or colorful sunglasses: By wearing all kinds of accessories you can really lend your outfit that special look, especially if they reflect your personal style or affections, e.g. if they have your favorite color on them or are designed by your favorite artist or brand. And keep in mind that lots of them do not only look good but serve very practical purposes, too.

Imagine going out in the summer and not wearing any sunglasses or leaving your house in winter without wearing a scarf or some gloves. One of the most practical pieces of accessory is a wristwatch which functions not only as a piece of jewelry but also as a time-telling device. At least one watch should be in everybody’s possession. Watches don’t have to be expensive either. There are many opportunities to find beautiful and trendy antique and vintage watches, be it on flea markets, thrift stores or second-hand boutiques. You could also ask your parents if they kept any of the stuff they were wearing when they were young. Many of the clothes and designs that were trendy back then have already made a big comeback.