It’s a myth that if you don’t have a decent clothing budget that you can’t be stylish. Quite the opposite in fact! Less budget makes us more creative… if we know how.

The ‘bargainista’ market is buoyant… in a BIG way. Think Primani, TK Maxx… and even things like swishing, there’s no doubt about it, we’re all getting stuck into the bargain mindset. BUT this doesn’t mean that we need to be any less stylish – but it does mean that we have a bigger license to be more creative.

Raiding the bargain bins is not something that we should get too used to however, oh no. Finding those essential bargain accessories to go with staple items of clothing (i.e. dresses, trousers, skirts etc) is the way to go. Invest a little more in the main items and then pick up the bargains that will help mold the look you want to create – accessorizing is the key, think jewellery, cardigans, shawls etc.

When we talk about ‘staple pieces’, you don’t need to go taking out store cards to afford them. But we do mean that you should perhaps invest a little more in these pieces rather than buy lots of other pieces that you probably won’t wear, but were cheap. Look to the mid-high range brands to get the quality of cut and material, it makes all the difference.

For instance, if you’ve got a big night out coming up check out Motel’s great range of bodycon and going out dresses, you can find some great dresses from £50 that are guaranteed to turn heads. Paprika is another brand that has a great range of bright and bold outfits that let you celebrate your shape and feel good about the night ahead.

For something a little more demure, Fever have sophisticated and colourful dresses with lots of retro appeal with price tags that seem to come from a bygone age too. Vila clothing has an extensive range to suit every occasion, from snug and sassy knitwear to stunning dresses, skinny jeans and sharply tailored jackets and coats.

Sticking to a budget can be tough – and having to make the call between splashing out on one truly fabulous key item or spending the same amount of money on a few items from a midrange brand isn’t always easy. But just as mixing and matching elements of your wardrobe well has always been the best way to get the most out of your clothes, the same is true when it comes to your clothing investments, so shop around, mix mid-high range with bargains and you’ll be surprised just how far your money goes and how great you can look!