Although fringing is part of the whole 70s look, it’s been dialled down a bit for the season ahead along with flouncy dresses. Instead tan and suede take centre stage introducing a more rustic feel to the trend. Paisley and floral are the prints to look out for in an earthy colour palette whilst silhouettes take a more laidback approach with slight structure in the form of A-line skirts and shift dresses along with flared trousers and jeans.

Lace, crochet and layering are key parts to the 70s boho look along with the statement wide brimmed hat. Neutral coloured flats, platform sandals or knee high boots are the choice of footwear too.

A trend ideal for Creatives yet certain pieces, which can be toned down, will appeal to Dramatics and Naturals. Either way you’ll love this new approach to the style!