When Autumn arrives, it can only mean one thing- time to buy a new winter coat! A coat is one of my favourite fashion items as it has the power to transform an outfit. A basic outfit can be made into a quirky showstopper or a smart outfit can be made into a glamorous formal outfit with the addition of a dramatic or formal coat.

A boyfriend coat: A mannish tailored cut coat style that gives an androgynous feel to any outfit.

Cocoon coat: with an emphasis on the shoulders this coat is a brave choice and will give a serious fashion vibe to an outfit.

Cape: The style gained popularity last year and is showing no signs of disappearing. Again, giving an outfit fashion brownie points, a cape is also a very snugly option. A belted version will help to create a defined shape.

A duffel coat: A coat style that allows you to be nostalgic for your childhood! Alexa Chung loves her duffel coat and this style works either for a boyish or glamorous trend if worn in a bright colour such as this pink style.

A coat is a great investment buy if you get a classic cut in a timeless colour, such as tan or a bright red. The coat will look fresh year in year out with the simple addition of accessories. For example, pair last year’s cape with a pair tan boots for a perfect 70s look that is on trend this season.