Don’t Make These Fashion Mistakes in 2012

No matter how fashionable you might think you are and no matter how well you might think you’re dressing, there is somehow always something that tends to go completely wrong when it comes to putting some new 2012 fashion trends into practice. Whether you are an executive MBA student, part of some classy nurse practitioner programs,accelerated BSN programs or you own a Master in Accounting, you all need to dress appropriately and make sure that you should not be ashamed to walk out the door every morning. We are here to lend you the hand you need in order to make sure that everything runs smoothly for you in the dressing department and that your Masters in Healthcare Administration colleagues are not going to be laughing at you whenever you are going to class.

First things first, you are going to have to make sure that you are going to be able to clearly identify all of the 2012 fashion mistakes of the year before you actually make them on your own. Think of this as playing scrabble word finder and make the most out of the game. Start by getting rid of all of your small clothes inside your closet and stop looking oversized simply because the clothes you are wearing are not the right size for you. High-waist trousers and skirts, no matter how classy and elegant they might look, are always going to tend to make you look like you are wearing a “muffin top” – and you definitely do not want to do that. So opt for some appropriate lines of clothing that are going to fit their waistline just perfectly, no matter if you are up standing or sitting in a chair. Don’t get fooled or allured by the beauty of these clothes, just like you should not have been fooled by the Africa safari trip that has promised to show you many splendors of the wild, but instead only enabled you to have a sneak peek at some giraffes.

Plus, just because pop artists do it does not mean that you should also go ahead and do it: we are of course talking about the need to stop wearing peeking undies; make sure you push the elastic waistband down in order for your undies to stop showing whenever you are wearing low-rise jeans. Just imagine you are out there, looking for some IT jobs with the help of your online Computer Science degree and your undies hanging out in the open. Not a pretty picture and not the picture of a down to earth person who should be trustworthy enough to get such a job, wouldn’t you say?

You might want to use your Finance degree to its maximum and make sure that you shall be wearing the latest fashion trends for 2102, but you should definitely make sure that the trends you are about to follow yare going to actually suit you and your personality or figure. Do the opposite and you shall commit the biggest 2012 fashion sin of all.