Lets face it, if you love shopping or styling friends and family it seems the obvious choice to learn how to become a personal stylist and shopper. If you’ve always loved fashion and you’re looking for a complete career change then this could be your dream job.

Can people really make money from shopping for a living we hear you ask? Absolutely – we say! With a real passion for fashion and an ambition to succeed, you’re well on the way.

We appreciate it’s not easy finding a modern and up-to-date personal stylist training course that suits your requirements, that fits your budget and accommodates availability, so we’ve designed an online fashion course perfect for long distance and overseas students.

These online fashion courses include an in-depth two-week Women’s analysis training, covering all theoretical aspects of analysis. Training sessions take place over Skype and via email in the comfort of each student’s home or office. As the training can be conducted on a one to one basis or up to a small group of three, this course can offer complete flexibility (subject to availability).