What Does Your Handbag Say About You?

We’ve just found a very cool little Facebook app new 30gm tube that tells you what your handbag really says about you. It’s rather fun and strangely accurate… check it out for yourself.

If you didn’t already know they have recently launched a handy 30gm handbag sized version of the product. It’s loved by celebs everywhere and works better than anything else we know for blemishes and evil spots.

To celebrate this launch the guys just launched a Facebook app that allows you to select your bag type (choose the one most frequently carried by yourself) and then find out what it says about you. Sounds gimmicky right… well it kind of is, but there is some incredible accuracies here I’d say – you have to try it for yourself to know what I mean.

For instance I selected my trusted Hobo bag and this is what it said about me:

“Great ideas come in all shapes and sizes! You love them all and thrive on coming up with a few great ideas yourself! Give you and your hobo a goal and you are as happy as a girl guide on a camping trip! You (like your bag) have an appetite for lots of stuff! You’ll have many interests and are very much a ‘cup half full’ kind o’ gal. You can’t easily let go of your hobo – she’s an every day, every occasion kind of must have. You know you’ll need to keep a firm grip of your hobo bag and your ideas to stay focused on making things happen. You and your bag are no nonsense partners but may suffer from a little too much self criticism as you strive for perfection!”

SOOOOO right about the striving for perfection detail at the end!