Volumizing Hair Tips & Tricks

Perhaps the biggest champion of the style has to be Cheryl Cole who appeared at the auditions of American X Factor with masses of volume. But it is not just Cheryl who has been seen wearing the look; Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway, Beyoncé, Drew Barrymore (who has been spotted wearing the style several times), Kristin Stewart even J Lo have all volume up to perfection.

Barberella was of course the volumising queen of course – just take a look at the images on the right hand side for some inspiration. This look simply oozes sex appeal… even to this day.

If you’re looking for that sleek straight look, make sure you pay attention to the added backcombing at the crown so that it has lots of height. Alternatively, copy Jennifer Lopez and AnnaLynn McCord and add curls to your style for added volume and texture. As long as there is lots of volume and height, particularly at the crown, your style will look really chic.

To get the look it’s a good idea to wash and condition your hair with a volumising shampoo and conditioner, before using mousse or a volumising spray for added oomph. After that you can use your ghd stylers to achieve your desired style, whether it is curly or straight, or even beachy waves. If you pull the straighteners away from your head instead of pulling them straight down, you will put more volume in it. From there, you will need to backcomb the crown for added height and volume and you will create the desired look – you can also add clip in extensions to your hair if it looks a little lacklustre and your want to create added volume.

After that you need to give it a good spritz with hairspray so it stays in place. This really isn’t the right style if you don’t want to use lots of product as it will need hairspray to stay put.