Swimsuits, as these one piece swimsuits are also known, are not something that can be classified as passé or plain. In fact, these one piece swimwear suits made quite an impact in the fashion line last year with the introduction of cutout maillot or ‘peek-a-boo’.

The idea was to break the conventional vertical line of the suit and thus enhance the display of feminine curves with cutouts that were very strategically placed.

The design was popularly accepted by teenage girls and young women, with the string tie halter suit making it to the top. This swimwear consisted of an adjustable slide string bottom and also a very high leg cut, thus giving the wearer the effect of wearing bikini without worrying about the exposure.

The classy effect of one-piece swimsuits

One piece swimwear is famous for the various asymmetrical slashes. However, you can use these for your advantage too. The suits which are offered by Coco Lush tend to leave some skin exposed, and a bit of tanned skin would add a sexy and contemporary look, further enhancing your looks. These also come in extreme editions, making you feel like you were wearing a micro bikini. Moderate versions are also available, and if worn with a flirty combination of colors (such as lime green and purple or fuchsia and orange), these can really get you noticed.

For those of us who would like to go for something that is contemporary but yet looks classy, there are One piece swimwear. Animal print costumes have long been known as sexy, but you will be amazed to see the classic style of animal print bikini available nowadays. Quite a lot of designers now make use of these prints, making it even more popular.

Animal prints are available in various varieties, and the most common ones in trend are the tiger print, leopard, snakeskin, Dalmatian and also the zebra. For women who would prefer a subtlety, there are suits with ring details on the sides, shoulder straps or bust. These are effective in adding a snazzy hint to your swimwear, and yet keeping you within the limits of the ‘bling’ effect.