Fashion trends are ever evolving. What may be true just a few months ago may no longer be applicable now. For this reason, it is very important that people who consider themselves as fashion enthusiasts keep abreast with the latest developments so they can adjust their wardrobe and daily fashion choices accordingly.

So ditch the products for curly hair that you have been obsessing in preparation for the summer months and make sure you have the following fashion pieces in your closet so you can be in-tune when the spring and summer rolls around.

  • Bermuda shorts. A big theme of 2013 fashion for the spring and summer months is going outdoors and every girl needs Bermuda shorts to stay in-step with this theme. Bermuda shorts are slouchy, chic girl shorts that are comfortable but also very stylish. Whether you are heading out to check out the full version of the movie trailers online that you’ve been watching, or just out and about to enjoy the weather, Bermuda shorts are great fashion pieces for the hotter months ahead.
  • Black and white. Black and white fashion pieces are making a comeback and it will suit any skin type, from tanned to those who are heavy on coconut for skin. The strength of black and white fashion is that it suits almost any time of the year, are readily available and very affordable, and are sleek enough that you can pull it off whether in the office or at on the dance floor.
  • Peekaboo pieces. This might not work for everyone but who says you can’t try and experiment? The peekaboo pieces were in full display in the slew of award programs from the Oscars to the Grammys and the trend is making an immediate hit to become a daily fashion item. Not all designs and color palettes are easy on the eyes with peekaboo pieces so getting yours from a recognized professional institute is important to maintain class and style without having to splurge on cost.
  • Vibrant sunglasses. The most sought-after accessories of 2013, vibrant sunglasses pop with a lot of colors and personality. It will take some great fashion sense to make sure your sunglasses work with your outfit but if you can pull it off, you can be confident it won’t induce lower back pain in fashion fanatics who are always out to criticize and comment.
  • Stripes. What’s not to love? Stripes have long been a part of mainstream fashion and the degree only differs according to whether or not you can wear bold or tamed pieces. Red stripes on white fabric likely belong to the bold selection and some may feel like they will need car accident lawyers to defend them when they cause roadside accidents but the truth is that this is only a perception. If you hate to be bold, pick thinner strips and more common colors like black on white and you can still go with the trend without drawing too much attention to yourself.

So which of these trends are you planning to incorporate into your fashion choices this year? What pieces are you planning to buy to get your spring and summer collection started?