Tips for Feeling Good in Your Clothing

There are three ways that fitness makes you look good in your clothes – physique and confidence and attitude.

You can follow a training routine designed to help you lose weight and tone up. It’s important to understand that you will have some genetic bias. You may have an hour glass or a pear shaped body, either because of your bone structure or because of your body’s preferred sites for storage of body fat.

By exercising regularly and eating healthily you can reach a toned and healthy physique, athletic even – with some consistency. You won’t be able to change the proportions of your skeleton or your height any more than exercise can change your hair colour – but you can certainly look and feel good from it.

In my opinion looking good is only useful because it makes us feel good. Truth is, that by beginning exercise you’ll immediately start to feel good, long before you lose a dress a size or tone up those arms – you’ll already feel great, just knowing that you’re in control and doing something about the way you want to be. You’ll fill your being with vitality and be buzzing off of those feel good endorphins – the exercise ‘high’.

Feeling good about yourself fills you with confidence and anyone who knows anything about fashion knows that the attitude is half of what makes you sexy and attractive. So begin an exercise programme with a goal in mind, and enjoy reaching the goal, but also enjoy the journey, the first steps even, the change in self esteem that you will feel right from day one.