Stylish Jewelry from the East

We all have that one favorite outfit in our wardrobe. Be it the elegant dress, or the high waisted jeans with the tucked in blouse and wedge heels, it’s the one outfit that fills us with power and confidence.

But what do you do when you have worn that outfit time and time again and are in desperate need of injecting some newness into your favourite look?

The answer is quite simple – Look to the east for inspiration.

Lets start with that favourite dress. We all know jewellery is the perfect way to update an everyday dress and turn it into a show stopping masterpiece. This gorgeous gold bejewelled cuff is a real eye opener and the perfect distraction. Worn with a simple pair of gold hoops this does the trick perfectly.

For those of you who like drawing your attention to your neckline, how about this stunning gold mesh necklace? Its ideal for distracting those glances to places you don’t want to be looked at, by focusing the eyes upwards.

For true eastern inspiration, this body bindi is the perfect accessory to add some sparkle and drama. Its easy to stick onto any body part, try the back for a low back dress, the arm for sleeveless, or even the ankle for those of you with tanned legs to show off! The special secret about this is, if you are careful, its re-useable.

For that refined jewellery look, these square crystal bangles are great for adding that sexy soft 70’s glamour look. They come as a pair so they are perfect for the stackable bangle look. Worn with these crystal gold hoops, which have a magic closure on them, you can add that extra eastern sparkle.

But for those of you who are really brave, you could try the full eastern bindi look. These bridal bindis really add a new dimension to your make up. They can be worn in so many different ways, broken up into smaller or larger sections and worn anywhere! This look is for the brave, but well worth it. And you definitely don’t have to be a bride to pull this one off.