New Cosmetic Surgery Trends

The Brazilian Boob Job

Often voted the sexiest women in the world, the Brazilians are renowned for their stunning beach body beauty. For years, Brazilian women have been relying on a revolutionary breast implant for their bounteous curves, but until recently, the implant was unavailable in the UK. However this is about to change as “Brazilian Breast Augmentation ” or the Brazilian Boob Job is being pioneered in the UK by leading cosmetic surgeon.

The secret to the Brazilian Breast Augmentation procedure is a revolutionary implant that is not only shaped to fit many different breast shapes and sizes but has a unique polyurethane coating which encourages the body to accept it. The breast tissue then grows around the implant, securing it in place and reducing the risk of capsular contracture.

One of the UK’s leading Consultant Plastic Surgeons says: “The most common complication from breast implants is capsular contracture, which is an abnormal response of the immune system to foreign material. This response hardens the breast implant and distorts its shape.

“The brilliance of the Brazilian breast augmentation is the implant’s polyurethane coating which reduces risk considerably and allows the implant to be more stable and natural looking. My patients have been amazed by the results; they’re the most natural looking implants, with the lowest complication rates available today.”

PRICE: From £4,200 with final price dependent upon recommended procedure.
DURATION: The procedure takes approximately 1 ½ hours and is carried out under general anaesthetic. Patients are required to stay at the hospital usually for the day or occasionally overnight for monitoring and recovery.
AFTER CARE: Patients wear a supportive bra day and night for at least two weeks following surgery to help the breasts to settle and feel comfortable. Time off work is recommended. Full recovery from the surgery usually takes six weeks.
The Miami Thong Lift

At the annual conference a Miami based plastic surgeon presented his latest technique in buttock cosmetic surgery –

The Miami Thong Lift.

Generally, bottom reshaping procedures involve implants – similar to those used for breast augmentation, or buttock lifting surgery.

However, The Miami Thong Lift involves liposuction of fat from the thighs or stomach. The fat is then purified and injected into the layers of muscle in the buttocks. The procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic and can take a few hours to complete.

At present, small areas of fat transfer to the buttock have been performed in the UK. It has been reported that all forms of buttock reshaping procedures are on the rise and becoming very popular with women aiming for a J-Lo appearance.

But will British women really be flocking to have fatter bottoms? A cosmetic doctor, says: ‘I have seen a 50 per cent increase in demand for bottom enhancement procedures, though it is normally South American or Afro-Caribbean women wanting it done, as the look is desirable in their cultures.

With any form of fat transfer some of the fat once injected will be absorbed by the body, in some cases this can result in asymmetry – not ideal for the buttocks!

The Paris Lip

Inspired by French beauties such as Vanessa Paradis and Bridget Bardot and Paris Lip -The Paris Lip technique uses Hyaluronic Acid injectable fillers, the natural component of the skin. Just like your body’s own Hyaluronic Acid, it is used to create the Paris Lip but will eventually wear down. The Paris Lip look can be maintained with top-up treatments every three to six months as part of your regular beauty routine.

If you want a more expressive look that highlights the shape of your lips, the Paris Lip technique may be for you. Lips present a special challenge, since the border diminishes over time. The Paris Lip defines the border to give a natural pout without lipstick. This technique does not include the “plumping out” of the red, fleshy part of the lip itself. The Paris Lip procedure is quick and may also be injected to smooth out areas around the mouth.

Until February 2008, Conventional tummy tucks were standard practise and still very much are, however a new, and vastly improved method, has been hailed as ‘extremely low risk, shows much better results, and far less downtime’ by the surgeon performing the new procedure renowned plastic surgeon Professor James Frame. Added advantages include reduced risks of wound healing problems, less loss of sensation above the scar, and a much faster “get well” time post operatively. No drains are used. The difference between the techniques is related to a change in fundamental understanding by experienced surgeons in this field.. It was a Brazilian surgeon who first described his technique at an international meeting in Melbourne. Hence the term “Brazilian Abdominoplasty”.

‘The same amount of skin is removed and we still tighten the muscles, but the difference is we don’t create huge spaces in the abdomen that require the use of drains and release fluid in the days following the operation. ’ Says Professor James Frame who has introduced the Brazilian Tummy Tuck to the UK ‘instead we make small passages within the fat, so there’s no large space that can fill with fluid’.

For a flat, gorgeous, sculpted tummy Brazilian Tummy Tucks leads the way forward.