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Covering up Flab Swimwear

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Why bust a gut laboring over a treadmill when with a clever use of flattering beachwear you can cover and smooth over those lumps and bumps. We’ve compiled a compendium of sneaky tricks to make to make the transition from winter warmer into summer scorcher as easy as ordering another Pina Colada.

Wobbly Bits Cover-up #1) hide the hips

These flattering Hilfiger bikini shorts are a great beach essential for all pear shapes. The style will highlight your waistline and disguise your hips and thighs and by opting for a darker colour or print will minimise this area even further. Wear on the beach with the bikini top and trilby straw hat or sightseeing with a simple white tank top and espadrille wedges.

Wobbly Bits Cover-up #2) hide the belly

This elegant one-piece is a great style for apple shapes, as the bold print will disguise your tummy area and skim your curves. It’s a fabulous cover-up for the beach, as well as a great top for strolling around your resort and teaming with cool white linen trousers. Dress your look up with jeweled accessories and metallic gold wedges or dress down with simple leather thong flip flops.

Wobbly Bits Cover-up #3) flaunt what you’ve got

This mini dress is a flattering style for hour glass shapes and the plunging neckline will accentuate what nature gave you. It’s also a fabulous beach cover-up as well as one of your essential holiday staples. For those slightly chillier evenings use this item for layering, as its versatility will get you out of a scrape if you’re tight on space in your suitcase.

Wobbly Bits Cover-up #4) Make like a tortilla and wrap-it-up…

This style of skirt is great for rectangular and inverted triangle shapes, the added elegance of a bit of drapery in the form of a stylish and versatile Pashmina to cover your bingo wings, or even a beach slip over by Ganni.

Building your Staple Capsule

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

A capsule wardrobe should be made up of 16 key pieces that you can mix and match with ease. It’s never easy judging what the weather is going to do at the best of times and therefore we recommend that you include a broad selection of fabrics, shapes and styles that can work in tandem.

When you’re shopping for your SS capsule wardrobe the key to success is picking out the right basics. Once you have these you’ll find it a cinch to build on your capsule wardrobe by introducing your own style and personality through items such as accessories and shoes.

You certainly don’t need to spend buckets of money on your basics, save what excess you have for your accessories, which will ultimately pull your look together.

Here are your key items for your Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe…

The humble White T-Shirt

An absolute must for any Spring Summer wardrobe, it literally can go with anything as well as be used as a layer item. What’s more it will be cheap; you have bags of variety to choose from and can flatter the most awkward of figures. We advise you go for high grade cotton with a little stretch as they hold their shape for longer.

The Camisole

Also incredibly inexpensive, the camisole is comfy, sexy and tans the arms of course! These are also good for layering and we suggest a few neutral colours for your capsule wardrobe. Last piece of advice – select the right bra to go with them, bra straps are unsightly with a camisole.

The Collared Shirt

A great staple for dressing up or down or in-between, the classic white shirt should be present in every capsule wardrobe. Wear it tied, unbuttoned, sleeves up or tucked in… so much choice. Select a looser fitting (over tighter fitting) style so as to allow your body to breath in hot weather.

Cotton Shorts

Invaluable for summer and getting those pins out on display! There’s loads of style of short to select from… the choice is almost endless, just a word of warning though – avoid anything too short if you don’t have the legs for it and also avoid ‘the dreaded crawler’ shorts that wedge themselves up when you walk!

Cotton or Linen Trousers

A great staple for work, rest or play throughout the summer. These literally go with anything girls! Wide leg cuts are incredibly flattering and styles with wide waistlines can do wonders for your tummy. Avoid high waists or/and pleating at all costs!

Cotton Skirt

An essential ‘feminine’ addition to your wardrobe, the pretty cotton skirt comes in lots of styles – A-Line, pleated, pencil, Cargo etc… Try lots of styles and opt for the one you feel most comfortable in. Just remember that it’s OK to show some skin!

Maxi Dress

We love maxis! They go with pretty much anything at anytime and feel fantastic in the hot summer months. Pair them with some strappy sandals for a relaxed day look and some heels and a stylish clutch for the evening!

The Cardigan

Perfect for cooler days and nights, the cardigan will serve you well. The secret here is to look for feminine detail such as scalloped edges, crocheted trim, or a belted waist.

Lightweight Jacket

An absolute must, the lightweight jacket is a welcome addition for work and play and beats shifting between blazers and heavier coats. Try a cotton blazer with cropped sleeves, or a tailored denim in a dark wash. Save your lighter wash jean jackets for the weekend as they tend to look more casual.


Swimsuit shopping is so much fun and a great way to get right into the summer vibe. There’s always loads of choice on show and our advice is to stretch yourself a little here so as to get one that retains its shape, size and style. The cheap ones really don’t last!


If you’re planning a little holiday or perhaps even a trip to your local seaside then you should think about a sarong. They are inexpensive, lightweight, stylish and incredibly versatile. Can you live without one?


Flip flops are a necessary purchase (we love Havianas!), they are light, easy to pop on and off, stylish, relatively cheap, go with just about anything and are said to keep you fit! Invest in a pair that are comfy – don’t just opt for fashion over comfort here as it could be a painful purchase!

Cotton/canvas Tote Bag

Perfect for the beach, social engagement or office; throw in the sunscreen, Kindle, phone, keys, picnic, spare shoes…etc. These bags are built for summer! When purchasing make sure the build quality is good as straps falling off are all too common.

Straw Bag

As versatile as the Tote for sure… but even more summery, the Straw Bag is your mule when it comes to carrying all the tonnes of essentials we need on more social engagements.
Open Toed Shoes

Great for all occasions, the open toe shoe certainly does its bit to keep you cool, calm and looking stylish. Try a peep toe sling back for dress up and the wedged espadrille for dress down.
Trench Coat

Not just a coat for winter, the trench is a must for cooler days and nights. With so many styles and colours available all year round, trench shopping is so much fun. We suggest you invest in a classic styled, waterproof, waist belted trench that offers warmth and oozes class and sophistication.

Hot One Piece Swimwear

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Swimsuits, as these one piece swimsuits are also known, are not something that can be classified as passé or plain. In fact, these one piece swimwear suits made quite an impact in the fashion line last year with the introduction of cutout maillot or ‘peek-a-boo’.

The idea was to break the conventional vertical line of the suit and thus enhance the display of feminine curves with cutouts that were very strategically placed.

The design was popularly accepted by teenage girls and young women, with the string tie halter suit making it to the top. This swimwear consisted of an adjustable slide string bottom and also a very high leg cut, thus giving the wearer the effect of wearing bikini without worrying about the exposure.

The classy effect of one-piece swimsuits

One piece swimwear is famous for the various asymmetrical slashes. However, you can use these for your advantage too. The suits which are offered by Coco Lush tend to leave some skin exposed, and a bit of tanned skin would add a sexy and contemporary look, further enhancing your looks. These also come in extreme editions, making you feel like you were wearing a micro bikini. Moderate versions are also available, and if worn with a flirty combination of colors (such as lime green and purple or fuchsia and orange), these can really get you noticed.

For those of us who would like to go for something that is contemporary but yet looks classy, there are One piece swimwear. Animal print costumes have long been known as sexy, but you will be amazed to see the classic style of animal print bikini available nowadays. Quite a lot of designers now make use of these prints, making it even more popular.

Animal prints are available in various varieties, and the most common ones in trend are the tiger print, leopard, snakeskin, Dalmatian and also the zebra. For women who would prefer a subtlety, there are suits with ring details on the sides, shoulder straps or bust. These are effective in adding a snazzy hint to your swimwear, and yet keeping you within the limits of the ‘bling’ effect.

Casual Wear for Summertime

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

I am also a firm believer in the power of monochrome. Whether you’re lounging at home, at a wedding or dressing for an important date; black and white will make you look elegant, stylish and unforgettable.

A fabulous take on the monochrome look is a white blouse or t-shirt paired with black skirt or trousers. Plus size trousers are available with an elasticated waist, so no need to worry about fussy waist detailing and gaping at the back. The elasticated detail means your jeans and trousers will fit perfectly, making you feel confident and carefree.

If you’re a lady who loves colour, consider the plus size maxi dress. Maxi dresses are a carefree, feminine clothing choice and are easy to wear and accessorise. Be daring and try a maxi in a colour you secretly love but wouldn’t dare to wear usually. Experimentation is the key to a truly fabulous wardrobe.