Cosmetic Surgery for the Perfect Legs

Let’s be honest, we can all think of ways we’d improve our legs. Getting perfect pins for those summer micro mini’s isn’t easy – in fact it’s a lifelong challenge for many women. From unsightly hair to those ‘thunder thighs’ we all fear, a whole host of problems can crop up. However, help is at […]

Tips on Becoming a Fashion Stylist

Having a personal stylist has become more acceptable – just like having a personal trainer. A personal stylist can give their clients an enormous confidence boost, help them save money by spending their budget wisely and revamp their image by introducing new brands and styles to their wardrobes. There are so many reasons why a […]

Tips for Becoming a Fashion Sytlist

Lets face it, if you love shopping or styling friends and family it seems the obvious choice to learn how to become a personal stylist and shopper. If you’ve always loved fashion and you’re looking for a complete career change then this could be your dream job. Can people really make money from shopping for […]

Q&A from a Fashion Guru

How do you describe your own style? I describe my own style as interesting, intelligent, creative and simple. But I can get dramatic when I want to. What fashion item could you not be without? My jeans, t-shirts and my glasses. I also love hats, if you wear them well, they give a message. I […]

Heavier people more attractive?

Believe it or not, Marilyn Monroe was found to be the sexiest celebrity body by most (36%), followed closely by Beyonce Knowles, Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian. When asked who has the best fashion sense, the results were slightly more even spread, however it still skewed towards the curvier side. The majority of women voted […]