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Cosmetic Surgery for the Perfect Legs

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Let’s be honest, we can all think of ways we’d improve our legs. Getting perfect pins for those summer micro mini’s isn’t easy – in fact it’s a lifelong challenge for many women. From unsightly hair to those ‘thunder thighs’ we all fear, a whole host of problems can crop up. However, help is at hand with cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures – there are plenty of ways that going under the knife or laser can give you the leg-up you need.

Here’s five to consider:


Although more commonly carried out on areas such as the stomach and buttocks, people with a lot of weight to shift from their legs could consider having liposuction. The procedure involves inserting a narrow tube thought a small incision in the affected area. The fat cells are broken up with a saline solution and then removed through the tube.

Thigh lift

If you’ve managed to lose a large amount of weight from your legs, either through liposuction or dieting and exercise, you’re likely to have a fair amount of excess skin. A though life removes this skin, anywhere from the knee to the groin area, to result in a more taut and toned appearance, along with better body proportions.

Calf implants

It could be the case that you’re dissatisfied with your lower leg, rather than the thigh. Calf implants help you to change the shape and appearance, particularly muscle imbalance. This can create an overall better definition. The procedure involves creating a pocket on the inner side of the calf, around the back of the knee, to insert the implant.

Thread vein removal

These are damaged veins and capillaries just below the skin which leave unsightly marks and lines on the legs, along with other parts of the body such as the face. Smaller ones are reddish in appearance, while larger ones are purple and particularly noticeable. There are plenty of non-surgical ways to remove thread veins, such as Intense Puled Light, scelerotherapy and veinwave, a new technology that targets smaller veins.

Varicose vein removal

This is another type of swelling in the legs which can look unsightly and even cause discomfort. They’re caused when blood flows backwards down the legs, which causes increased pressure in superficial veins found just below the skin’s surface, making them widened and more prominent. Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) or Radiofrequency VNUS Closure are among the options for removal, although reputable clinics would recommend surgery in the most serious of cases.

Tips on Becoming a Fashion Stylist

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Having a personal stylist has become more acceptable – just like having a personal trainer. A personal stylist can give their clients an enormous confidence boost, help them save money by spending their budget wisely and revamp their image by introducing new brands and styles to their wardrobes. There are so many reasons why a client may book your services!

If you’re serious about your future career and you want to make it as a successful personal stylist, where do you turn?

Here are three valuable tips, which will ensure you make a great start:

1) To gain a credible reputation, research the many image consultant and personal stylist courses available to you – there’s one for everyone. You can opt to study from home and in your own time, participate in a group classroom environment, book one-to-one intensive training or find an online training personal stylist course. Whatever you decide make sure there’s a great aftercare facility and a synergy between you and your trainer/personal stylist – there’s nothing worse than if you don’t see eye to eye with their approach. The launch of a modern, fresh and practical certified personal stylist training course within a classroom environment and via Skype can now be obtained.

2) Look at gaining an internship or work experience with a personal stylist or image consultancy – this will stand you in great stead by learning the ropes inside and out. However, don’t be disgruntled if you’re not given your own clients immediately to work with. Personal styling is such a personal service that most clients may not want anyone else to be there during their styling session. Initially, you will need to show that you’re hard working, build up trust, and show dedication before you’re given such huge responsibility. Being wholly reliable will also be a fantastic attribute to have.

3) Establish yourself as a fashion expert – blogging is huge and continues to push the boundaries. Written content about fashion is one way to build up your reputation online. These days’ home videos are a great way to showcase your styling skills so why not get a group of friends together and have a makeover day! Make sure you film the results and edit into a short video of around 3 minutes. If you don’t know how to set up your own blog then contact other fashion bloggers and offer to guest blog for their sites.

Working, as a personal stylist is hard work, so don’t let anyone tell you any different, but this life changing career does come with massive rewards and the greatest job satisfaction ever! If you’re interested in finding out more information or booking a place on our next personal stylist training course in August then we’d love to hear from you. Please click here for more information.

Tips for Becoming a Fashion Sytlist

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Lets face it, if you love shopping or styling friends and family it seems the obvious choice to learn how to become a personal stylist and shopper. If you’ve always loved fashion and you’re looking for a complete career change then this could be your dream job.

Can people really make money from shopping for a living we hear you ask? Absolutely – we say! With a real passion for fashion and an ambition to succeed, you’re well on the way.

We appreciate it’s not easy finding a modern and up-to-date personal stylist training course that suits your requirements, that fits your budget and accommodates availability, so we’ve designed an online fashion course perfect for long distance and overseas students.

These online fashion courses include an in-depth two-week Women’s analysis training, covering all theoretical aspects of analysis. Training sessions take place over Skype and via email in the comfort of each student’s home or office. As the training can be conducted on a one to one basis or up to a small group of three, this course can offer complete flexibility (subject to availability).

Colored Contact Lenses? The next hot thing

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Deciding to wear contact lenses was one of the biggest and most worthwhile decisions I’ve had to make. Don’t get me wrong, I love my glasses and how different styles can create certain looks, but I also love the freedom that lenses give me.

They are not the most obvious fashion accessory but the industry is becoming bolder and more creative when it comes to finding new ways to express you and your style.

Contact lenses can boost your confidence and show off your makeup choices in all its glory without you having to worry about frames being in the way! If you have yet to purchase a pair, or just fancy a change.

The UK’s largest online retailer of contact lenses and was founded by opticians who understand the importance of eye care and regular health checks but also realise people don’t have much time to go traipsing to stores to pick up their products. Ordering lenses from the comfort of your home has never been easier as this website stocks everything you’ll need including solutions to keep your lenses nice and clean, contact-friendly cosmetics and of course coloured contacts from big-name brands such as Acuvue, Focus Dailies, Air Optix, Bausch & Lomb and Ciba Vision. Prices are extremely low compared to the high street too plus all contact lens orders come with free UK delivery – bonus! All you have to do is decide on the products you want, enter your prescription details and voila, you’re good to go.

Contact lenses are no longer just about practicality these days as they can now be used for stylish purposes too, offering some exciting options for wearers. Every now and then you may wish that your eyes were a different colour and this can now be achieved thanks to coloured contacts. Generate exciting and refreshing looks for all kinds of occasions! They are a perfect way of enhancing your features or make a dramatic impact to your natural eye colour. This quick and effective solution is one of the latest fashion accessories women are taking notice of and are available from brands such as FreshLook Colors and Colorblends and Coopervision Expression. Choose from hues like blue, violet, hazel, opaque, green, brown and grey. Passers by will be drawn to your eyes thanks to the wow factor these contacts can create making your confidence sky rocket!

If you’re after a dramatically intense colour change then FreshLook Colours are the lenses for you. The Colourblends collection is more subtle and gives a more natural look whilst the Dimensions range has been created to give light coloured eyes a little extra impact. Ciba Vision has also brought out coloured daily lenses called FreshLook One Day. These are perfect if you don’t want to commit to a whole month’s supply plus they are great for people who get bored easily as you’ll be able to switch colours any time you want to fit in with your lifestyle.

Expression Colors and Accents by Coopervision allow you to change your natural eye colour or simply add a slightly different tint, depending on what effect you want to create. They can either produce a subtle change or a radical departure from your original eye colour meaning the lighter your natural eye colour, the more dramatic the effect will be. Try out a few shades to see the variety of hues you can achieve!

Take things one step further and create fabulous makeup looks to compliment your newly changed eye colour. Team bright vibrant eyeshadows with blue, green or amethyst contact lenses for evening occasions to wow other guests. Neutral toned makeup is ideal worn with hazel, brown and grey lenses if you’re planning on wearing them to work or during the day.

Colour contacts can be ordered at ‘plano’ or ‘zero’ prescription if you don’t wear lenses but it is always best to check with your optician beforehand. If you do wear lenses then just enter your normal prescription. Changing your look has never been so easy!

Q&A from a Fashion Guru

Friday, July 19th, 2013

How do you describe your own style?

I describe my own style as interesting, intelligent, creative and simple. But I can get dramatic when I want to.

What fashion item could you not be without?

My jeans, t-shirts and my glasses. I also love hats, if you wear them well, they give a message. I think they’re a very important fashion item.

Roughly how many wardrobes do you have and clothing, shoes etc…?

I have a decent wardrobe and it’s not super extravagant. When it comes to my personal wardrobe, I do own a lot of coats, I enjoy coats. I have more shoes than most people, about 100 pairs. My clothing, it all sits in the closet, a walk- in closet, it’s not grand, it’s a walk in and turn around and walk out. I tend to keep my clothing, I’m not very fickle about my clothing. When I find what I like I tend to wear it and wear it. I’ve had the trousers that I’m wearing now for four years I love them.

Where do you shop for fashion?

I have a few favourite haunts in New York City. There is a really wonderful vintage shop store who specialises in 90’s designer vintage. There is another great consignment boutique. She is a great friend of mine and owns four stores in the city. As a matter of fact for this campaign I brought 10-12 pieces from Ina’s store.

How can you tone down this summer’s bright colours so they are appropriate for autumn/winter?

Wear them as accents only, against autumn/winter colours that you’re comfortable with.

What is the best item of transitional clothing you can buy?

Jeans. They have no season, and you wear them all the time. Transitional clothing is defined as clothing that anticipates the coming season, but is in the weight and fabric of the current season, that’s transitional. It’s still warm in September but you still feel like you’re in autumn, but it’s too hot to wear heavy wool. So you deepen the colour but the fabric could still be cotton.

Who is your fashion icon?

Cleopatra. She’s daring, bright and mysterious. And we still consider her a style icon, two thousand years later!

Where is the best place to go for Vintage shopping?

Florida, definitely. You can fly London to Miami – you should go there now! People go there to retire and have heavy coats and sweaters that they don’t need in the Florida sunshine. In NYC, I like the shop, ‘Screaming Mimi’s.’ You can’t beat a bit of Portobello Road though.

Whose look do you love now?

Well I like Victoria Beckham because she has a signature look. You know it, you see it, you identify with it, and she owns it. It’s original, it’s hers.

You have had a long and varied career in fashion, what time or job has been your favourite?

One of my favourite jobs is one that not many people would know about. It was shot in Las Vegas in the late 80’s. It was about how the mafia created Las Vegas. It was mafia and FBI doing the French chase! It was so much fun to be in Vegas and I had so much fun with it. I still look at it today and think it looks good, but yet not as well known as which I also enjoyed a lot, both of them.

What keeps you interested in fashion?

Fashion for me is an artistic expression, it’s a creative experience. From the creative point of view I stay interested in fashion. I don’t read much about fashion but creating a look is the way I express myself. It’s creative satisfaction that keeps me in fashion. But it’s not my exclusive interest, it’s one of them.

What are your other interests?

I like creative sides of things. Anything that has to do with design I enjoy. It doesn’t mean I have to design a ‘thing’. I could design a photo shoot for example. Anything that’s creative I’m drawn to and I excel at. I stay within those boundaries. I would love to be creative scientifically, but I haven’t conquered that yet. Science can be creative, every endeavour can be automatic or it can be creative it’s just how you approach it.

What’s been your most fabulous fashion moment?

The experience was a big part of my life. I worked on the series and films. In total I worked with the girls for [8 years]. I like challenges. I worked hard in my early 20’s and partied afterwards!

What have you got left that you want to achieve?

I would love to make my own movie.

Heavier people more attractive?

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Believe it or not, Marilyn Monroe was found to be the sexiest celebrity body by most (36%), followed closely by Beyonce Knowles, Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian.

When asked who has the best fashion sense, the results were slightly more even spread, however it still skewed towards the curvier side. The majority of women voted for Kim Kardashian, followed by Beyonce Knowles and Marilyn Monroe.

Plus size model Katie Green, who has been campaigning against size zero models, speaks out about the results ” How refreshing to find a survey that actually shows that curvier women are more desirable. Marilyn Monroe set the standard all the way back in the 50’s, and I’m glad that peoples perception’s haven’t changed! Well done on highlighting this, as I feel this sort of public informa-tion will make a significant contribution to women’s health.”