Christmas Fashion Styling Advice

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you planned what to wear? The secret to a fantastic holiday wardrobe is to choose a few festive items that will add effortless colour and style to your look all winter long. Here’s our list of the top trends this season – all easy ways to get the look for any holiday event!

Cosy-up to cashmere

There’s nothing like a soft, luxurious cashmere sweater to add timeless chic to any outfit. Solid-coloured knits work with any look, allowing you to shift seamlessly from work to play. Choose a piece with fur accents for extra warmth.

Tinsel tones

Shiny metallic fabrics are all the rage this year, but you needn’t go overboard to make the most of this trend: invest in a neutral-coloured top with understated shimmery glow for a subtle yet festive look.

Ravishing red

Nothing turns heads like a crimson dress. Go for subdued cranberry tones to achieve a cheery, versatile look, or make jaws drop with a bold scarlet hue. This easy-to-pull off colour will instantly flatter any skin tone.

Look polished in velvet

Velvet is all grown-up this holiday season. Layer a plush velvet blazer over a cotton blouse, or pair a flattering velvet skirt in a dark colour with shiny leather boots to pull off this elegant fabric with ease.
Perfect pashminas

The ideal blend of function and fashion, pashminas add grace and poise to everything from office to party wear. Choose a printed or patterned design to keep your outfits frisky yet classy over Christmas.
Sumptuous silk

Silk never goes out of style, but it really shines during the holidays. A classic, layerable silk tunic will make going from day to night an effortless affair.