Selecting the ‘perfect dress’ doesn’t have to be as challenging as it sounds. The first thing is to fully appreciate the type of venue/event you’re attending of course – that’s obvious right. But more than that, think of the sore of statement you want to make at the event. Do you want to stand out from the crowd, do you want to subtly blend in, what parts of your personality/body do you want to emphasize etc.

My recommendation is that for Club/Bar look why not attempt a body hugging mini dresses, with a few eye catching details. Wear a bold, block colour simple cut body-con, with contrasting block colour accessories.

If you are attending an outdoor cocktail party opt for feminine cut flowing dresses. A floral print dress is perfect for the outdoors, an elegant chiffon maxi summer dress or a short satin floral print dress. Embellished details on the dress or accessory will add that extra bit of evening glamour.

Or perhaps it’s a more sophisticated look you are after, for a evening dinner party. A classic look, or vintage inspired dress with chiffon or lace details will certainly capture attention.